Giveaway #10 Winner!

Claire from

won Giveaway Thursday #10!


You’ll be wearing this lovely necklace from Isette soon!

Her entry comment was: Ok, embarrassing moment of my life has to be when I met Margaret Atwood — she was doing a reading at my local art college and, well, I IDOLISE this woman, basically. After the reading I was the very last person in the signing queue, I went up to her, desperate to impress. She caught me off-guard by saying “you look very beautiful, I love your dress”. And er, here’s the embarrassing bit… so much of her work is focussed on sisterhood, the relationship between sisters — my sister and I were living together at the time and with all this swirling around in my head I said, INCREDIBLY enthusiastically “I borrowed it from my sister especially.” She just looked at me as if to say ‘riiiiiiight…’, signed my book and then I fled. ARGH heinous. I am blushing just typing this!

Oh man! Yes, you definitely deserve this Claire!

Special Thanks to Jennifer for donating her work to our cause, thank you so!

Thanks all who entered, spread the word!

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Peace to you!


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