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Hello all! If you celebrate, I hope that your yesterday was full of Joy, if you don’t, I still hope the same! Today Ev`Yan Nasman is here & I’m over the moon about her. Though not new to the blogging world, Ev`Yan’s youngest blog, Sex, Love & Liberation is blazing hot. I am blown away by her stark honesty, openness & sensuality. Her message is necessary & blooming beautifully. I’m lovin’ on every post she publishes. The pleasure is mine to share her & the lovely post she penned for KOM’s Kind Kindred series today. Thank you so much Ev`Yan, I’m rooting for you & SLL so hard! Love to all of you, enjoy, xox, Amanda

Give Intentional Acts of Kindness

I was brought up hearing the saying “Give random acts of kindness.”

Being homeschooled for most of my life, my mother always started our day reminding us of the importance of giving random acts of kindness to others. She often challenged my sister & I to perform one act per day, & if we completed our mission we were given her smile & approval, both of which were the greatest of accomplishments.

It wasn’t long before I began to interpret the phrase “random acts of kindness” as “accidental acts of kindness.” In my young mind, audacious kindness towards others was only given by mere chance, not by mindful intention. So I was always on the lookout for little accidents to help people with. Books dropped. A lost dog. A grocery bag left behind. A $5 bill misplaced from a wallet.

I meant well of course, but viewing acts of kindness in this way caused me to miss out on a slew of opportunities to give love & thoughtfulness to others. I spent many precious days waiting for something unplanned to come about so that I can use my kindness as a reflex, rather than a natural intention that I exude at every moment.

This interpretation trickled into my life as an adult.

I spend a good portion of my days locked inside of my own mind, dwelling on insecurities & things I have yet to complete on my never ending To Do list. I brood incessantly on thoughts that don’t matter, & in brooding, I forget that there is a gorgeous world before me. I am there physically, but not wholeheartedly. That is, until someone finds their produce basket slipping from their fingers. Then I am suddenly thrust into action, into the present moment, into an act of kindness.

It’s apparent: kindness provokes mindfulness. And sadly, I am seldom mindful.

But I want this to change.

No longer do I want to wait for an accident to be kind. Instead, I wish to give intentional acts of kindness straightaway, rather than randomly. It all starts with putting my kindness on a conscious kind of auto pilot to compliments strangers, to offer someone the right of way at a fourway intersection, to give to charity; to make love to my husband, even.

To be blissfully aware of the kindness I give to others not only keeps me out of my head & into the present, but it also shows unabashed love & respect for others. I am fully aware of this now.

So from this day forward, I vow to do my damnedest to maintain a state of ever-present generosity & friendliness; to give intentional acts of kindness.

I challenge you to do the same.

Ev`Yan is a personal/fashion blogger turned female liberation artist. She spins unadulterated truth & sensuality over at her blog, Sex, Love & Liberation. Say hello to her on Twitter.

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