The Gift of Creating Space with Liz Lamoreux

Guest Post by Liz Lamoreux for the Kind Kindred series.

The Gift of Creating Space

December is a month that holds so much as it sits on the last page of the calendar. It can seem like an almost constant chatter of holiday music and decorations and shops at capacity with customers seeking the perfect gift. To-do lists are long and nostalgia becomes a companion as we try to recreate recipes and traditions. There is beauty and longing and grief and hope and excitement and so much more swirled together in the midst of the tinsel and cups of hot cocoa.

This month holds so much as it stands on the edge of a new year.

Then there are the moments when it is simply too much. There are too many events to attend and gifts to buy and cards to write and guilt sneaks up behind us as we realize we cannot do it all. For many, loneliness and longing come knocking at the door. For others, the fear of more debt sits in the middle of the living room right next to the tree. We miss those who won’t be with us. We hope things will be different this year. We wish. We hope. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

As we walk through this beautiful, magical, truly mystical time of year, I believe we can create space for feeling all of it. We can honor the joy and the grief. We can open our hearts to all of it as we sing along with the music in the grocery stores and write our holiday cards and consider dialing the phone to say, “I miss you” to the person who will answer. We can slow down; we can breathe deeply; we can rest; we can just be right here.

In this moment, give yourself the gift of self-kindness by taking a few minutes to rest your mind and breathe.

Below you will find an audio meditation that guides you through a few minutes of releasing whatever you are holding today as you let your mind find the space to quiet. Before you get started, it is a good idea to create a space for yourself where you won’t be distracted by others, the phone, email, and so on. Find a comfortable way to sit (or lie down), and begin when you are ready.

Right click & save as to download, or simply click to listen:

The Gift of Creating Space Meditation.Mp3
May you give yourself the gift of creating space for all of it as you navigate what this month holds for you. And may your corner of the world be filled with blessings and light and moments of kindness through self-care and love.

Liz Lamoreux is a retreat host, teacher, author of Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media, and the artist behind the shop Soul Mantras and Other Stories. She believes that we heal each time we unearth our stories and share them through creativity and in community. And in this moment, she is probably singing in her studio as she listens to James Taylor’s Christmas album and her one-year-old daughter plays with books and fabric scraps beside her, or maybe she is practicing what she teaches and they are both taking a nap. To connect with Liz, visit her website.


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