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Mentally stimulating toys

If you’re the type of responsible gift buyer who believes that every child’s birthday is a chance to hand over a gift that is equal parts fun and mentally stimulating; then you may run into trouble when the child reaches about 10 years old. Why? Because all of a sudden the lines of what is an acceptably cool gift have blurred. The usually easy-to-buy for younger child has grown into an awkward pre-teen with big ideas on what’s ‘in’ and what’s going straight into the trash bin. This is going to require some thought. Thankfully, certain retailers are hot on the trail and have bundled together a range of attractively priced must-have possessions that all pre-teens will appreciate. We found a great selection at wicked Here are a couple of our favorite choices:

Action cameras make movie-makers out of any child

Found almost everywhere and with a variety of popular brands competing for business, action cameras are no longer a plaything of people with too much money to spend. What are they? Small HD cameras about half the size of a pack of cards that come with attachment options. They can be fixed to a helmet or to the front of a bike. Some models are even waterproof and can be used underwater. This opens up a world of opportunity. The film is easily transferred onto a laptop, computer or tablet. The child will have endless fun editing the video using simple video editing software (adding music, chopping up the video, etc.). With the rise in the popularity of social media platforms such as TikTok, this is the perfect gift to help them hit the ground running with all things tech.

Droning on and on and on

Professional drones cost a small fortune. Even some store-bought models come with eye-watering price tags. But children are obsessed with them. So, what can you do? Pocket drones are the answer. These USB rechargeable drones can be used indoors or outdoors, and allow children to get involved with what’s happening. That’s not to say that tablets and apps can’t be mentally stimulating; but sometimes it’s fun to get hands-on and enjoy a “toy” that does a little more than beeps and says “Congratulations, you’ve made it to the next level” as a small character smiles on screen.

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