future glances

she danced naked in the moonlight
?begging the beams to transport her?
spinning in gracious circles? she forgot herself?
she forgot her fears and hates


she spun
?her body bathed in the light; transfixed?
transported to a place of freedom
?where despair dissipated into the fine and finite molecules
?of the light; darkness tried to creep in around her
?but her arms sang in the crevices
?of possibility of the sacred?
she allowed only the light
crazy. ?she was not

?full of future glances? and freedom 

Stephanie Moeser is a social worker in private practice living in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. She supports people with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. When not working, she is awed by the vibrancy and spirit of her two daughters. She is a sometimes writer, and an artist in spirit. She’s a work in progress, learning that resting in her true nature is what brings happiness.
Stephanie will be sharing her words at http://thoughtsgather.com

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