Fun-Filled Backyard Campfire Ideas

You can make time for your kids to experience the wilderness – within reason, of course – and what better way to make this wild outdoor adventure than to have your own backyard campsite? Now get your creative juices ready and be quenched with these fun-filled backyard campfire ideas that you can do for your little rascals.

Setting up the location

The first and most important factor when you plan on camping in your backyard is your yard. Make sure you have been taking good care of your lawn, watering it with the help of your rainwater storage tank because it is best to have a healthy lawn for healthy outdoor living.

After selecting the place for your backyard camp, all you need now is to set up the tents and warm up the fire pit. You can share a huge tent with your little ones and, most especially, a warm fire pit to finish up the outdoor vibes.

Here are some activities you can try:

  1. Gathering around the camp fire.

After you have finished setting up the perfect place for your camp, you can now relax and enjoy the wilderness with your own fire pit. If you’re worried that you might destroy your lawn, you can make a DIY fire pit with an old pot or a re-purposed grill pit and cover it with blocks or rocks. You want to do anything you can to keep your lawn from being harmed.

  1. Playing some tunes

You can do lots of things when you’ve already gathered around your campfire, and one of them is to play some tunes. They can be old campfire songs or, if you’re being a bit more creative, you can come up with an impromptu catchy song. You can search for famous campfire songs online – just easy ones. Make sure it rhymes to make it easier for your kids to sing along with and have fun.

One relaxing and famous campfire song is “Kumbaya” which means “Come by Here.” It can give you an uplifting vibe with your children as they sing along.

  1. Grilling for the filling

Another thing you could do with your quintessential campfire is grill your meal outdoors. You can even teach your children how to do it – just be sure they are doing it safely and don’t overcook the food.

There are a lot of heartwarming meals and snacks you can cook. One famous treat is “S’mores.” They’re easy to make and a lot of fun, too – with marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers. The perfect way to cook S’mores is to make the marshmallow golden brown.

  1. Storytelling

A night wouldn’t be amazing and exciting without a very good story to end it. Whether it’s funny or scary, you can use it to entertain your kids around the campfire. Spooky ghost stories are the best – but not too scary. You don’t want your kids trembling with fear next to you.

  1. Shaping Shadows

Another fun idea to entertain your kids with is playing with shadows. Make shadow figures and animals inside your tent with just your hands and a couple of flashlights. You can even have a play using shadow figures.

  1. Witness the beauty of the night

After all those tiring activities, lie down on the ground, look up and feel the moment under the bed of stars above you. Appreciate and see how they dance and shine and see how they make the most wonderful light shows. This is the beauty of the night – enjoy it while it lasts and eventually fall sound asleep.

Let your kids experience something new in their lives. Let kids be kids. Let them enjoy and explore what’s out there for them. Your kids will grow up and look back at their memories with fondness, and may even do the same things with their kids.

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