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If you’re surrounded by people you love on Thanksgiving then the holiday isn’t just about turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. It takes on much more meaning when you can spend a day devoted to being thankful with those you’re most thankful for. Sometimes this is blood relatives and sometimes it’s friends – thus the coining of the term “Friendsgiving” to give a name to the Thanksgiving celebration spent only with friends.

Whether you spend Thanksgiving with all of your family or Friendsgiving with your chosen family and closest pals, you still want to throw a memorable celebration. It’s not a party without decorations, after all, and Friendsgiving lends itself to plenty of decorating opportunities – turkeys, leaves and gourds are out in full swing this time of year.

If you can’t afford (or simply don’t want) to invest in expensive holiday decor that sits in a box 10 months out of the year, then printable decorations might be the perfect thing for you. They’re reusable, easy to store for another year and did I mention free? The team at put together a list of printable decor options to elevate your Friendsgiving for a celebration your friends are sure to remember for years to come.

Start by ensuring you have a table fit for a feast with customizable printable place cards. Not only can you use these to make your friends feel ultra-sophisticated as they arrive for your party; but you can use them to label the dishes you whipped up for dinner – and who doesn’t love a 2-in1?

Friendsgiving Printables 2

No table is complete without a centerpiece, and one that reminds guests of the reason for the gathering to boot. Frame this printable decor for an easy, decorative addition to your table that will remind all your guests of the many things in their life they have to be thankful for. If your walls are looking a little bare, then print the decor in a larger size for a festive and fun wall hanging. It will also make the perfect backdrop for a Friendsgiving photo opp.

Friendsgiving Printables 3

No Friendsgiving meal is complete without leftovers – it’s basically a rule that no matter how well you plan your menu, you’ll end up with more food than you know what to do with. As the host, share the wealth with your guests! Use these printable leftover labels on takeout containers to send your guests home with a tasty party favor to remember your gathering. Not only are you feeding them (which is the best gift anyone can ask for), but you’re taking the mystery out of exactly what they brought home.

Friendsgiving Printables 4

Whether you have a fancy dinner party or a potluck on the floor for Friendsgiving, remember to reflect on all the things in your life you have to be thankful for – each other, the ability to gather as a group and the memories you’re bound to make as you eat more turkey and stuffing than you could ever ask for. Happy Friendsgiving everyone!

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