Friday’s Lovelies

Love the above video so much, learn more about graFEETi here! Melissa posted Amy’s Positive Pranking video on Wednesday which is just as good! Amy Rocks!

I don’t watch much TV, like at all, but I could watch Kate’s Glimpse TV all the live long day, check out her latest with Bindu Wiles : How many bras do we really need? Love it!

Speaking of TV, True Blood = the only show I really watch– & only 210 or so days until Season 4 starts! Haha, I say this because True Blood was in the news this week with some intel on season 4 – excited! I miss Jessica’s updates too!

Etsy’s front page is always stunning, yesterday morning I was introduced to Alona Freeman’s work by way of this this necklace & I’ve been lovin’ on Dolan Geiman’s work for quite some time, this piece is so incredible! His work inspires me so much!

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