Friday’s Lovelies!

Sadie knows what’s she’s talkin’ about, oh yes, I saw the above video on Positively Positive’s facebook feed last night & had to share it with you all, I’m really surprised this isn’t viral yet. She is speaking to all of us. What a beautiful soul!

Okay, I’ve been planning my next tattoo. I was looking on Flickr for some inspiration & ran into these time lapse tattoo videos. Dabe says, “I am getting an awesome Nerd sleeve” — Nerds are the coolest people on the planet. Fact. Parts One, Two, Three of the progress = AWESOME!

I don’t care that I am 30 years old, I want one of these & REALLY wish they had them when I was 10.

I’ve been watching the Pencil Vs Camera! set for a few weeks now. Love it.

We were interviewed twice this week, check them out here & here!

As mentioned in one of the interviews, hem is a refuge of sorts for me & a few of the women I love. You should skip over there, Jenn & I are makin’ diptychs!

GORGEOUS How To Make Bunting tutorial, PDF included!

These Shoulder Bags are sooooo sweet! Yes please!

This is probably my favorite Friday Lovely from the week, found by my love. He called to me from across the room, “You should read this, it’s pretty kind!” I think that he was also hinting at the fact that I always want him to kill the spiders – but he is always like, but spiders are our friends, they kill the pests! He is one to take a spider outside before killing it. It’s one of the many reasons why I love him… but I really dislike things that scurry. Anyway, Buddhist Monks FTW.

I found the above video through Mccabe, who pretty much always rocks my world. Go love on her!

Indie Fixx posted a really neat (and long!) list of freebie printables! Cards, posters, labels and um, a little something else. Thank you so much for featuring us, Jen!

What do you call yourself?

The Time Traveler’s Wobble made me melt. So. Cute.

Remember the first time you did something craftsy & new? Or how about just the first time you did something new? Bet you had questions, huh? Well, Melissa is asking about scrapbooking, let’s give her a hand!

And this gem from Gala Darling:

Celebrate yourself this weekend, do something you never thought you could.

We will see you lovelies on Monday! xox

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