Friday’s Lovelies!

Because the true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good – 20 Ways to Give Without Expectations.

You must watch Kate Northrup Moller interview Bindu Wiles – it is one of the most genuine interviews I’ve ever seen, so truthful, loving & HILARIOUS! Love it!

Check out this Spoon Poetry Tutorial – so cool!

You don’t realize how positive you are until you see the contrast of someone negative – Positivity Prevails!

Printable Summer Floral Gift Tags – these are just the sweetest!

Flip Flop Drop is a blog dedicated to the random act of kindness to “drop your flops” somewhere that a passerby will notice & adopt. All you need to do is alter or embellish a pair of flip flops, tag them with links to the blog, drop them off somewhere in public & watch the magic happen!

Looking for something fun to do this summer with the kiddos? Check out this fun list of 100 Summer Photo Opportunities!

Lovin’ on this free printable Owl Box Template, so awesome!

Pamela Ribon just reaffirmed my dream that I will one day be a Derby Girl : How Roller Derby Can Save Your Life – thanks for the find Garga Mel!

We Are All Beautiful Women.

Therese Shechter is a New York-based filmmaker & she writes about virginity and feminism on her blog The American Virgin. Well, right now she’s in the thick of things with her Kickstarter project, working to raise funds for a grassroots documentary on America’s obsession with women’s virginity. She’s got six days to raise $900 so that she can finish the documentary! Catch her on Twitter & Facebook — good luck, Therese!

Tara Sophia Mohr asks, Are you meeting the world with your full capacity for love?

The July “I Believe” Challenge is all about focusing on & remembering what you believe in.

Some people will always feel like home.

Danielle LaPorte talks about escapism. And while you’re reading that post, you should totally sign up for her “somewhat” daily e-mail. If I could tell you how much I love Danielle, if I told you this every single day, it still wouldn’t be enough. Every. Single. Time. I read something she writes I yell out “Yes, exactly! Gah!” See? Reduced to words that are not even real. Lotta love.

A challenge : Don’t get lost in your busy-ness.

One of our favorite pals Tara @ Scoutie Girl is over on Indie Fixx talking about mindful spending — such a good post!

This story & piece of art from Jessica Swift did a great big beautiful number on my heart. Oh yes.

Stay tuned for next week, we have some insanely
amazing news for you all! We’re Dreaming Big &
Loving every moment of it!

Have a kick-ass weekend!
Do something wild!

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