friday’s lovelies

starting from the upper lefthand & working ourselves around clockwise:

~ this video by jason van genderen is titled “mankind is no island,” & is the 2008 winner of tropfest. it’s amazing, poignant, arresting — three minutes & thirty seconds of video shot in new york city & sydney, & all done on a cell phone. watch it & share. ::

:: jen lee put together a collection of original poetry and vintage-style photography that deals with healing, recognition of the way we change & moving on. also, jen is my new favorite blogger, every time i stop by her site, i always feel stronger & braver. you should head over to her site & leave her some love! ::

:: at the wish studio, susannah conway wants to help each of us find our muse. with regards to photography, she says, “the world is filled with so much to shoot the choice can be overwhelming. How to develop your own way of seeing, and create with this imbued sense of integrity? Start looking for your muse.” ::

:: missed connections ny is a blog that’s all about the modern-day equivalents of messages in bottles, smoke signals, letters written in the sand. if you live or have been in new york city recently, you may want to hit this blog up, maybe somebody sent you a message in a bottle! ::

:: gala darling just released her latest podcast! Love & Sequins #5 is titled “Finding happiness & making it stay — Choosing joy, making magic & devoting your life to love, adventure & deliciousness!” she talks about filling your life with enchantment, dismantling troublesome patterns & how to really make yourself happy. we adore gala, and hope that you do too! ~

have a gorgeous weekend, thrive in all you do. ♥

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