Friday’s Lovelies

Happy Friday Dance Party Internet Mash-Up – Blaine Hogan’s brain child, just makes me so frickin’ happy! Every Friday he has been holding a Happy Friday Dance Party, but he got lonely, he didn’t want to dance alone anymore so he asked others to submit their videos & dance with him – which is how the video above was born! I am so totally smitten with all of it. I dare you to try not to smile … & keep still in your seat.

Drive-Thru Kindness – I absolutely adore stories like this one.

Tutorial: How to make a Polaroid Magnet Frame

My friend Hillary posted this story : Lessons from my 8 year old – it’s so wonderful, I just had to share it with you all!

Handmade porcelain fortune cookies? Yes, please!

I’m sure I mentioned Upon a Fold here before, but it deserves another mention, go & explore their world of paper & folds!

Love Letters aren’t Just for Lovers = be still my heart.

Stepping out of your day job & into your creative dream is well under way, check it out!

Click here

, originally uploaded by MelindaShay(:.

Be kind. If you do absolutely nothing else with your life, be kind.

Totally loving Kate’s post at the Wish Studio blog!

What does the soft animal of your body wish for?

So-so excited for Darrah & the Slice of Life project!!

You should check out this interview with Rachelle that’s up over Kim’s blog, I really enjoyed reading Rachelle’s thoughts on building your spiritual practice.

What will you declare today?

Have a rockstar weekend everyone!
Blow your own mind!

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