Friday’s Lovelies!

Friday's Lovelies! 1.22.10
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:: Let’s face it, Monday can be hard & tricky & it always seems like people are just a bit grumpy, too. One way to rally against the Monday Blues™ is to think about all the pretty things in your life, the blessings, the gifts. Every Monday Jess Gonacha Swift posts up a list of things that she’s grateful for : The Bliss List. They can be big things, small things, silly things, major life things, it doesn’t matter, it’s just a time & place to sit & remember all the beautiful things in your life. So on any given Monday, if you’re feeling grumpy or tired or down, go over to her blog & when she asks “What’s on your Bliss List?” or “What are you grateful for?” take a couple minutes & answer her. Because really, why not? ::

:: Have you been to the blog Going Home to Roost yet?!? I recently found Bonnie through one of my blog crushes, Creature Comforts & have been a regular visitor since! Not only does she have a great blog & two amazing etsy shops, going home to roost & old renewed, she wants to help you make your shop gorgeous too! This past summer she started a series of posts called, Etsy Savoir Faire, where she posts weekly on how to boost your Etsy shop! Here is her first post accompanied by posts like, taking great photographs, improving your search engine optimization, promoting your work, along with posts on packaging & pricing, oh so many great tips! A good many of these tips could apply not only to etsy shops but other indie artists selling their work online, you must check it out! You can connect with Bonnie through, Facebook, Twitter & Flickr– GO! ::

:: One Million Acts Of Kindness is a goal. A goal for each person to individually perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in their life. One Million Acts Of Kindness is Bob & his dog, Bogart, they’ve visited nearly fifty campuses to date on their bus tour, talking to nearly 4,000 students on a busy week & have “discovered that nearly every one of us shares in the same thought, that there is a huge void of compassion for fellow man. Most of us subscribe to a vision of a better world. A world where all people work for the common good of the whole.” Take part in Kindness Week this year from February 8th-14th! You can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter & Flickr. If you need a few ideas on where to get started check out, Do the Deed’s amazing list of small acts of kindness! Join the movement, make it your goal! ::

:: You Are Remarkable is one of my favorite places to go to get my mind working, to find prompts for a bit of self-reflection. I love this post so much because, yes WHAT IF self-confidence could be bought in a jar & you know what else, why should we even need to buy it, we should already own it, & yes, I’m going to repost it all because it’s amazing.
what if you could buy self confidence in a jar. take twice a day, with a full glass of tea; do not take on an empty stomach. now this would not be self confidence in the form of mood elevating drugs or weight loss supplements. more of a jar, you could open up & it whispers beautiful things to you. confidence is such an alluring quality in creatures & really, everyone should feel confident. you’re alive, that makes you beautiful. everyone is beautiful. slight things make you beautiful. that speck of gold on your otherwise green eyes, that freckle the shape of maine, the gap in your teeth, the fullness of your body. everyone is beautiful. if this is true, why is it so impossible to feel sometimes? we sink our skin into bathtubs of luke warm water searching for our flaws. the superficial reason he/she might not fall in love with you. we don’t look within towards the passion in our blood- the things people will actually fall in love with. looks fade & anyone can fall in lust with a look. it’s trite but true that in the long run that is not what you want in a mate. you want someone who intrigues you, makes you a better person, someone who compliments your very existence. if self confidence could be purchased in a jar it might say your heart beats like a rabbit & you glow when you smile. it might say the way your brain works is extraordinary, you notice things everyone else is too busy to see. it might just whisper you’re breathing, you…are…alive.
Check out the YAR blog when you have a moment & oh yeah, they have a book out too. Love it! ::

Have a bliss-filled weekend everyone, see you Monday!!!!

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