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starting from the upper lefthand corner & working our way around clockwise:

:: Cold weather is here. There is no denying it & given the economic year our country has had, many, many people are ill-prepared for what the winter will bring. Nikki, In Stitches is hosting a sweater drive. Earlier this year, she came across a project from Martha, where she suggested making mittens from old sweaters. She made a pair for myself & was inspired to make more…many more…as many as she could, to then donate to homeless shelters & charities that could get these mittens on the hands of all the people who will need them this winter. Please contact her at if you are interested in donating sweaters. Consider using using Martha’s method to make some mittens for your community! Together we can warm the hands of those in need. ::

:: Oh So Good is a Toronto-based stationery line developed by graphic designer Sarah Roberto. Her environmentally conscious designs rescue discarded paper and books to create one-of-a-kind products that are sooo pretty! Inspired by international design, textile patterns & all things vintage, Oh So Good sells a variety of greeting cards, notebooks & gift tags. You can follow Sarah on Twitter & check out her shop over here! ::

:: Jen Indie Fixx has started weight loss challenge for the indie design community called #indielbs, named after the twitter trend that erupted all when she tweeted that she wanted to lose 25 pounds. Apparently, a lot of other people in the indie community were interested in losing weight & focusing on health & better eating habits as well! The goal of #indielbs is to offer support & motivation for those who want to lose or maintain their weight to lead a healthier & more satisfying life. Both the blog & the twitter trend #indielbs will be utilized towards this goal. To help motivate you, 8 indie shops (all who are participating in #indielbs) have donated goodies for a prize. Please visit this blog entry to get the details on how to enter! If you are thinking about participating, so much luck & love to you!!! ::

:: Blog we ♥ alert! Belinda Munoz is all about choosing positivity & her blog The Halfway Point exemplifies this. She says that her “blog is for anyone who has lived long enough to slip, fall, awaken or thrive. The halfway point lies somewhere between the beginning and the end. At the halfway point, life is full of potential, excitement, tension.” A few weeks ago she wrote about 101 Great Ways to Pack Meaning into a Lifetime & it really got me jazzed on Life & just making the most out of each moment. ::

Have a lovely weekend, do something amazing!

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