Friday’s Lovelies

A Very Awesome World!

The Slice of Life Project

Want to be happy? Stop trying to be perfect

Who You Are & What They Say

Work is not a Job

A few awesome Tips & Tricks for Busy Gmail Users

Simply Fearless – Connect with your Calling – Free 21 day eCourse

Handmade Font

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Someday I will…


01 You Can Rest Now 500, originally uploaded by jenlemen.

I am so in love with Jen’s Etsy shop.

Tending to the sacred feminine…

I can’t get enough of the Happiness Project.

Ms. LaPorte turned me onto She’s Next — so many amazing inspirational videos in one place, love it!

So excited about #reverb10 led by the straight up POWERHOUSE team of Gwen, Kaileen Elise & Cali!!

The Wishcasting Journals are in!

Happy Weekend!
See you lovelies on Monday!

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