Friday’s Lovelies!

Kindness, Milk & Cookies

Do you like to make handmade cards? Check out this Antique Style Envelope Template! Love it!

It’s a very fragile world, she told us, so we walk carefully everywhere we go…

Brighten your door or someone’s day with this DIY Coffee Filter Wreath!

Bring Summertime inside with a few of these pretty DIY Hanging Bottle Vases

Michelle wants to know (& so do I!) what your go-to, can’t-miss blogs &/or mags are & whether you read ‘em by visiting or by subscription – go on over & comment! I did!

Magpie Tales is dedicated to the enjoyment of writers, for the purpose of honing their craft, sharing it with like minded bloggers & keeping their muses alive & well.

Get some style : How to Alter a Striped Tank & Transform Leather Shoes Into Art

I’ve been reading The Fire Starter Sessions while nursing my little one & let me just say WOW, I am utterly impressed. I purchased my copy on Danielle’s Pay What You Can Day, her birthday… Now read what she has to say about that LOVE FEST : 11 wisdoms that you can turn into cash…and crazy love or: WHAT I LEARNED ABOUT THE HUMAN SPIRIT + MONEY ON MY 41st BIRTHDAY

These leg warmers rock my world, 90+ degree weather or no!

Happiness is a Rock Star

Gwen Bell gives us a guide to making mistakes

This is a really cool thank you card download from dandee.

Jen Lee just posted a new podcast about self-care.

Quote of the Week.

Ok so I’m a way late to the party but have you all heard that Unravelling is going to become a book? I want to grab a copy NOW! I can’t wait until autumn 2011!! Eeeeeeee!!!!

Jena Strong shares a different kind of love story.

Melissa at Operation NICE turned me onto this amazing website — Speak Nicely! So awesome!

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