Friday’s Lovelies!

This sweet little soul has been occupying my hours this week… but I did manage to save a few links to share while NAKing!

Speaking of, 50 Reasons for Breastfeeding Anytime, Anywhere

Check out this genius & super adorable DIY from EZ at Creature Comforts – Pencil Eraser Stamps – BUNTING! I had this set in my Etsy favorites for so long – I was beyond thrilled to see this DIY! Don’t forget to sign-up for Creature Comforts’ Email Newsletter to get even more of Ez’s goodies!

Are you fear.less or fear.full?

Makeover your Hallway – Bring the Outside in – Love this idea!

I Love What I Was & I Love What I Will Become

Goddess Leonie has goodies for us! A couple of weeks ago she shared this lovely 8-minute meditation .mp3 titled “Healing Rains.” It’s so calming & soothing, I adore it & have been listening to it at least once a day.

What are your Moments of Win? They don’t have to be the best photos, but they do have to show you are your Most Awesome, doing things that you’re proud of & always want to remember. This one is mine!

I feel like I’m always singing Jamie Ridler‘s praises but I can’t help it, she’s amazing & she’s come up with a HUM. DINGER. of an event — it’s called Groove Back. Why? She says, “When we were girls, we danced at a moment’s notice. We danced to the radio. We danced with the wind. We danced our hearts out. We danced to our own drum. And then something happened. And we stopped. This is to get us dancing again.”

Got questions about unschooling? Get in touch with Tara Wagner, who recently launched a business as an Unschooling Coach! As a grown unschooler and an unschooling momma, she can offer perspectives on living without school and creating strong family relationships.

The amazing Susannah Conway recently wrote a four-part series about how to fall in love with yourself — four steps, four parts :: 1-2-3 :: but the step that really got me, the one that so many of us have trouble with is the last step — forgiving yourself. This is something I’m struggling with now, and reading what Susannah wrote lifted my spirits up. In case you see this, Susannah, thank you so much for sharing these with us.

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