Friday’s Lovelies!

The importance of enjoying the habit.

Songza asked Jenn & I if we wanted be guest contributors to the site. We now have our own AWESOME RADIO STATION – the coolest thing about the site is YOU (yes, you) can ADD SONGS to the station! Songza is a social radio tool that lets friends create shared stations, how cool is that? So, hop on over & add some songs, let’s make the best damn station on the interwebs! Rock.

Every time I get Photojojo’s Newsletter (which is MIND-BLOWING, you must go sign up if you haven’t yet!) I skip on over to their store & drool all over myself, it’s the coolest store on the web for photonuts like me. If you have a Flickr account check out their time capsule feature — it sends your photos to you twice a month from a year ago – love it!

Can I just reiterate how much I love Design For Mankind. Erin always finds the coolest things, I mean, check out this impromptu rainbow (made from acrylic paint attached to a windshield wiper!) Come on!

Mila’s Daydreams is a blog that Adele started as a maternity leave hobby, while her baby is taking her nap she creates scenes around her & takes a photo. So adorably beautiful & creative!

This meditation.

Love, Actually : Creative Ideas for Romance on a Budget.

Overheard in New York, Overheard at the Beach, Overheard Everywhere & Celebrity Wit = funny as all.

Cupcakes in a Jar, Pie in a Jar & now Crisp in a Jar, I am gonna try my hand at the latter for a few sweet gifts!

Jay Shafer’s amazing 100 square foot house features a compact fireplace, a tiny kitchen, a tiny bathroom, & a loft that serves as a tiny bedroom & because the house is on wheels, it is classified as a trailer & does not require a building permit.

Build Your Own Cupcakes = best printable EVER!

I’m loving this video, let’s all have a dance party!

Love your job? Awesome! Sliding out of love with it — let’s do something about it! You should check out these awesome free exercises from Michelle Ward aka The When I Grow Up Coach! So good!

I LOVE this manifesto from Gypsy Girl’s Guide! Read it, embrace it, hold it close. Also, have you joined their tribe yet? We have!

BIG is back!

Carolyn Rubenstein has a free desktop wallpapers, the theme for this batch is “ease.” You can find a ton of really lovely desktop wallpapers here. Psssst. This one is mine!

Have 15 minutes to spare each week? Yes, Then go visit It Starts With Us & help change the world.

Yay! The first issue of Joie is out!!

The Daily Love

Have a gorgeous weekend, Lovelies!!

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