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starting clockwise from the upper lefthand corner!

:: Not sure what to be for Halloween? Take the crafty mustache trend to the next level with this project: How To Make a Fake Beard by Erin Dollar via Craftzine! If you don’t have crafty hands you can purchase one of Erin’s MANY beard/stache combos in her Etsy Shop: I Made You A Beard! ::

:: Have you all checked out woocie yet? I looooove this tumblr & reading it makes me smile & think & ask questions. This small dose of life is one of the first things I read each day. It’s full of photos & quotes, so easy to get lost in, go take a peek & let us know what you think! ::

:: Tying a string around your finger as a reminder is an ancient belief, thought to keep an idea from escaping- literally tying the idea to yourself. The String-Ring™ is a cue to remind yourself, and those who notice it, to be kind to one another. To do a kind act, or even think something kind. Designed to be threaded with the provided colored string, String-Ring reminds you of the particular act of kindness you wish to remember. Each String-Ring™ comes with 20 replaceable colored strings, a jute bag, polishing cloth, stickers, and a list of color meanings. How awesome is that?! ::

:: Incredible Artist Alert! Oiseaux Noir aka Shelley Kommers just flew onto our radar (no pun intended!) She creates such pretty collages & art, her shop is definitely a favorite! She says that her work is about the poetry that lives beneath the surface of things. Doesn’t that just make you smile? You can also check out her vintage bookplates shop — so fun & nostalgic! Love her lots! ::

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