Friday’s Lovelies : 9.2.11

This post made me cry & my blood boil at the same time. It’s a shame that people are so full of hatred that they have to project it at someone who doesn’t deserve any of it. Thank you Darrah, for sending the link over. More people need to be talking about this.

Wild-Child Philanthropy :: 17 ways to be a patron of the world, without spending a dime & How to evolve psycho-fast – as a person, ‘preneur & lover from zee brilliant Ms. Franzen.

Everyone is Doing the Best They Can : Despite moments of weakness, anger or bad judgment, we’re all navigating this life the best way we know how.

On Words Dance (!!) this week : Love & Insects by Jessica Dawson & Four Ballerinas Resting Between Scenes by Tammy Foster Brewer

via Color Me Katie

Writing Magic: Morning Pages & Celebrating Creative Dream Journals : Morning Pages are a powerful creative living practice, a simple writing routine that can truly change your life.

Overcoming self-sabotage & embracing my power : I didn’t think success happened to people like me. And I certainly didn’t believe I deserved to have a job that I love when so many people are stuck in jobs that they hate. I actually felt guilty that I loved my job. And then the fears set in.

The Soaring Swallow Project : handwritten letters to cancer patients : to you, your friend, family member, patient, co-worker, spouse, or a random stranger: I want to simply state I am thinking of them, about them & wishing great things for them.

Fortune Does Not Favor the Meek: Cultivating Lion Heart

If you live in the US & celebrate have a happy & safe holiday weekend! See you Tuesday!


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