Friday’s Lovelies : 9.16.11

I See You : This is for you, dear one, for when you feel rejected, unappreciated, unseen. For all those times when you feel like your light has been overlooked, your specialness unacknowledged, your worth ignored. These words are here to remind you that you, my sweet, are luminous, cherished, and yes, loved – loved beyond all measure.

Forgiveness, Freedom & Light : The purpose of this article is not to convince anyone that you must forgive in order to move on with your life. That is not for me to say. I would simply like to share an insight on forgiveness, one that has given me a new outlook in my own walk.

Reasons to be Grateful : I realize that in my angry state I have a complete and utter lack of gratitude.

31 Ways to Brighten Your Day!

Hold Still in Your Loving : When the world feels a lit­tle topsy turvy… when the ground is shaking… when chaos is reigning… hold still.

Smitten with all things galaxy.

The first book of poetry is out by Words Dance!
Nothing Unrequited Here by Heather Bell

I really love this Flickr set: Triptychs of Strangers

Courage : I have been thinking about courage for weeks; thinking about what that really means in the context of my life.

Leave Your Light On : Want to know the hardest thing about deciding to let the real you shine through? Not everyone is prepared to handle your light.

Happy weekend!

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