Friday’s Lovelies!

Have you been keeping up with this Free Blog + Business Workshop? Amazing!

Best Photography Lighting Tutorial I’ve seen yet!

Have you thought about entering the Found Tucked Away & Used Today DIY Contest? (There’s a $500 prize, what!?!) – Entry #1 was shared yesterday & it’s awesome!

Courage brought to you by a 15 year old melted my heart.

This Good List is very inspiring!

I have hearts, you have hearts, we all have hearts! – love this feature, so clever.

Adore this Love Your Neighbor DIY – I wish I was her neighbor!

Been lovin’ on the 13 Ounces or Less series, both these & this would make great candidates! I found this in the flickr pool this morning & I want to work on one this weekend. Great inspiration for those of you who love to send snail mail!

The next Mondo Beyondo class starts March 8 — don’t worry, you still have time to register!

Carl Sagan puts it all into perspective.

New favorite swoon-worthy Etsy shop — The Wheatfield!
Vote for Katie’s Grow to the Sun Design to be on a Boba Baby Carrier!

It’s like wearing your heart on your sleeve only it’s wearing your smile right over your heart! Want a smiley face button? Operation Smiley Face will send you one!

Feeling a bit stalled in life? Get your creative & life mojo going while you cultivate your passion.

Have blissful weekend!
See you all Monday!

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