Friday’s Lovelies : 8.19.11

daily reminder by Becky Murphy

This : How to Turn Everyday Routines into Extraordinary Pleasures : (10 Tiny Tweaks for Real Life)

Reclaiming the Wild : I started to listen to my dreams and the enticements of my heart. I slowly let go of things I thought I had to do for years and years and started doing the things I felt I needed to do.

Susannah’s Making Mr. Photobird pinboard is HOT. Alcide! Seems we have the same taste in men & tattoos.

New Uses for Old Things in the Kitchen

This DIY Free Printable Planner is flippin’ amazing! Thanks Michelle!

I heart the Thank You Card Shop!

Lovin’ on these free meditations & journeys.

This video filled my heart. Thanks Raven!

Openness : But tonight, instead of taking the easy road, I’ve decided to think about the ways that I can open up this shell and see what is inside that is so tender it wants to hide all the time.

30 Days of Loving Kindness : are you in? I am.

The most beautiful family tree I’ve ever seen.

Refuel Your Soul in 5 Minutes a Day.

Happy weekend!


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