Friday’s Lovelies : 8.12.11

A mind not worth your time : Someone comes to your site, reads your beautifully written words – and stampedes, knocking over your carefully constructed red velvet rope. Hurtful things are said, rocks are thrown, glass houses shattered.

10 Ways to Love the People in Your Life

Your People : The people that GET it will show up. They are your fans, your champions and your new source of inspiration and motivation.

Evening Thoughts : Perhaps connections in the past haven’t been what they could have because I wasn’t always showing up as this most real self because I hadn’t yet done the work to know me.

Truth or Dare : Have an Affair

These next two posts are from my beautiful friend Dyamond, she is doing something AMAZING for her birthday, which is today, Happy Birthday Love! : It’s my birth month! Help me support a great cause!

My body is perfect : Warning: Includes tastefully naked NSFW photos. I connected with Dyamond through Be Gentle, Be Love – she inspires me beyond belief – such a beautiful & brave woman & post.

The above book trailer took my breath away, this is how it’s done : The Uncertainty Book

Out of the mouths of babes comes such truth.

Sweet FREE eBook : Today I will (a joy checklist)

Gentleness : She called up to me and suggested, sweetly, that I come outside with her….that I needed to feel the rain. She was being gentle with me. She knew that my day had been terrible and that I needed a way to turn it around. I grumbled to myself but put on my flip flops and went out.

Courage : This is not a post about a superhero, admirable courage akin to those who fight for us and protect us. This is a small incident report of a few of my small steps.

Probably NSFW but hilarious! I love these two, Jessica & Michelle:

Check out the rest of their blooper reels plus the World Premiere of their music video : The Story of Pierre here!

Round Bellies are Beautiful : Ev`Yan wrote this gorgeous post, please go read it, it’s so important & beautifully written. Lady Lysette commented on Ev`Yan’s post, sharing a story, saying, I wish the world could see through your loving eyes. I hopped on over to her channel & was mesmerized by her dance, I even called Kurt over to watch, we sat in awe, watching all her videos, so, so beautiful!

Stay tuned for what’s coming up in a bit! My birthday is tomorrow but the fun already started!

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