Friday’s Lovelies

Hi all! Jenn & I always want to be open & honest with our readers, so I want to let you know that I am taking a little break from blogging here at Kind Over Matter – because I just moved this past weekend & I am having our baby on Tuesday, May 11th! We are so excited! I can’t wait to meet this sweet little soul I’ve been growing! But, yes, I’ve got posts in place for the next couple weeks — in the meantime, Jenn is handling all the technical stuff, so be nice to her – SHE IS AMAZING! Love you all!! (May I add that I’ll totally be checking in daily, Kind Over Matter is also my dose of happy everyday!!)

BIG LOVE & PEACE, skies full!

Jenn at Indie Fixx posted a super pretty freebie printable — a Mother’s Day note/recipe card! Love it!

The next Mondo Beyondo class starts May 17 — & registration is open now! Don’t know what Mondo Beyondo is? All of your questions are answered here!

I’m sitting here in tears right now. I found Nie Nie’s blog through Anna & I’m sitting here absolutely overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the amazing, strong soul. Some people instantly leave a mark on you, touch your life & heart & that’s what she did, for me. You can watch Nie Nie’s new video or get to know her through her blog.

I hope you thrive this weekend. Make something beautiful, enjoy the rain or the sun or the rain & the sun. Pick your favorite thing to do & then do it. Smile at the wonder of it all. Be at peace.

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