Friday’s Lovelies : 6.24.11

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Please watch the above video.

10 Questions That Have No Right to Go Away – wow.

When it’s OK not to edit ourselves online – beautiful read, so honored to be included.

We’re doing the best we can – must read.

Sexual Creature : She stands completely in her nature, without apology.

How to stay connected when your number of connections grow : maximizing the joy in your connections.

Beautiful Goddess Leonie’s Biz Course looks AMAZING! She also offers ALL of her products for one crazy-low price!!! 1000 goddesses have signed up, her next goal is to help ONE MILLION women! She is such a huge inspiration! Rooting for you love!

Kelly Rae’s Demdaco Appreciation Week is super-inspiring & filled with wisdom.

Puttylike : new blog crush.

A Hard Look at Love : I don’t want to love this way, but it is the way I was conditioned to love. This is something I am working on everyday as often as possible.

Self-Portrait : Because my potential is both Inspiring Beauty & Easily Crushed

Embrace the Loud : Some­ days it’s noisy. Not just the rum­bling from the street below. Not just the noise from the TV or from my neigh­bors. But from inside me… my mind.

Gorgeous photographs of a naked woman taming beluga whales in frozen Arctic waters : The beluga whales don’t bond easily with people in wetsuits, so scientists asked Avseenko to strip down to swim with the whales and get them used to human company.

Meeting myself on the mat… : Dear Body of mine, What comes up when I even think about writing to you is that I am so, so sorry. And so amazed that you are…

How to Get the Most Out of a Conference When You’re an Introvert or HSP (highly sensitive person) : As a someone who lives on the cusp of introvert and extrovert, big events like the World Domination Summit are both a thrill and a challenge.

Love With A BIG L is the heat beyond the dream…

Leave Your Glass Mostly Empty : Soak up what you can. Leave a little room for something more. Be open to what’s around the corner. Smile. Introduce yourself. Send loving kindness into the universe.

Coming into Resonance : Bold, I know. But as you may recall, I’m done living tiny, and with that comes claiming what I know to be true. I’m sorry if that sounds like I’ve got a swelled head. I don’t mean it that way. But I do 100%, all-out, whole-heart, full-body believe that I am finally coming into resonance.

Happy Weekend you beautiful beings you,
see you Monday!

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