Friday’s Lovelies : 4.8.11

Being Present : Her ability to be fully present is such a beautiful gift & I aspire to be more like her.

Say Something for Love’s Sake! : Deep & lasting love is a result of honesty.

10 Truths I Wish I’d Known Sooner

Did You Get My Message? Look, Listen, Leap

Can You Actually Make Money Doing What You Love? : Hell YES!

Website Kick Start starts on April 11th! By May 23rd you’ll have a 5 page website (including a blog) that looks good & you’ll know how to maintain it!

Dear Blank, Please Blank.

Why It’s Smart Not to Harm : Never to disturb the mind of others; look upon them with love & compassion.

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Blog posts inspired by my eCourse, Be Gentle, Be Love:

Musings on Initiative
Soapmaking Fun after 7 years!

Create Your Symbol of Strength
Certainly, my life could not be folded currently back in the place I had envisioned. New things needed to be created.

Getting to Where You Need to Be
I am more mindful of what I say and do and how I carry out my actions so that they are not only less harmful to others, but to myself.

On A Whim
I want life in technicolor. I want zip. Zazz. Sparkle. ‘Cause that’s life, in its amazing, up-and-down, messy, throw-your-hands-up-on-the-rollercoaster kind of way.

Jen asked 47 amazing women to respond to the question: How are you stepping into your she-ro’s journey these days? …& then she made it into a FREE ebook & wow, is it ever potent : click here to go to her blog & download it!

OH! OH! OH! Anthro Necklace Week! A week of DIY Tutorials celebrating the awesomeness that is Anthropologie Necklaces!

DIY Mini Luminariums – so cute!

How to Piss off Critics & Make People Love You

15 Things to Quickly Put You in a Good Mood

You Are the Story that I Believe In

Stay tuned for my last printable Kind Card of the week coming up at Noon! Thanks so much for a beautiful week!

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