Friday’s Lovelies : 4.29.11

Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose : We are all here to shine, to emanate and to link to each other through our hearts, extending as a web of light and encircling our beautiful planet, like a shield of illuminated lifestreams.

Sound Shifts Stuff : Free Sacred Sound Download : I downloaded Fabeku’s sacred sound Mp3 & loved it, I seriously felt lighter & brighter after listening to it, & then I downloaded his whole CD. I am a firm believer in energy work & this is excellence.

Saying Yes to Life : But I took a deep breath anyway…and I said Yes. And I really meant Yes this time. So I opened my whole heart and my whole soul to receive it. And Life Rushed In.

How to get a Sacred, Blessed, Soul-belly Full of Love : The change that you long for has nothing to do with the being across the table; nothing to do with what they say or do or how they spend their paycheck. It’s yours.

Promise #62: Get naked : Risk doesn’t care whether you’re skinny or fat. Risk doesn’t care whether you’re purple or green. Risk doesn’t care whether you eat hot dogs with mustard or ketchup on the end of a toothpick or a sterling silver fork. The only think risk cares about is the size of your balls.

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How to Suck the Marrow Out of Life:

The above video is by Bernardo Mendez of Your Great Life TV, if you haven’t been to his site, hop on over NOW! Pure awesomeness! 50+ uplifting & beneficial videos! Greatness!

Beautiful blog posts inspired by my eCourse, Be Gentle, Be Love:

Tact: t=truth : What color paint covers pain? Maybe the pain bleeding through the pink front remained unrested in me. The pain persisted through the paint. Pain and Paint: contained the same letters. Except for one tiny letter “t” … “t” for truth. (Speak the truth in love, Helen. What do you know to be true?)

Be Nice to Yourself : Confidence is the white horse I have chased my whole life.

Joyfulness : Hopefully as I work through these coming days, I can begin to water the dried-up love…

A Lifelong Challenge : When I am aware of my surroundings, of the weather, of people feelings, how each person gives something to the mechanism of my life, I feel sustained.

The above video is Dyamond, one of the lovelies taking my eCourse too, she kicked her ego in the face : how beautiful is she?! WOW! Loving you Dyamond!

Which brings me to : Do Something That Scares You : And then I smiled because I had finally done something I had always wanted to do; I had felt the fear & did it anyway; & despite my horrendous lack of expertise, I fucking pole danced!

Free Printable : Creative Chatterbox : loving this so much! We called them Cootie Catchers!

5 Kinds of Bloggers You Meet in The Blogosphere : SO. FUNNY. : Loving Mars’ new project!

Nice Girls Rule 60-Day Challenge: Day 34 : Love yourself so much that you are so overflowing with love that it spills onto others.

Free eBook : Skill, Price, & Profit: The Best of Crafting an MBA : inspiration & motivation to grow your business!

Have You Had Enough? Raise Your Voice. : Dear souls… we each live aspiring for a greater good, a deeper spiritual practice and more harmonious way of placing our feet on the planet. As the nation’s conversation becomes increasingly unkind rational voices must be heard.

Never Give Up:

(found via Patti Digh)

Sending you love sweet love,
happy weekend, see you Monday!

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