Friday’s Lovelies!

Love the above movie – it’s been awhile since I watched it, it’s about time for another viewing!

Boobs, tits, ta-tas, chi-chis, melons…

Just digging through Chris Guillebeau’s archives : A Brief Guide to World Domination, How to Be Awesome, The Decision to Be Remarkable — did you preorder his book yet? You should!

55 Quotes To Inspire Creativity, Innovation & Action

How to Create a Gathering of Your Soul Sisters

Pretty August Desktop Calendar by Lisa Rupp

Honestly WTF’s DIY section rocks my flip-flops off.

Danielle LaPorte was starting fires at age 8 = one of the best interviews I’ve read in awhile.

81-year-old sweethearts reunite after 62 years

Betsy is a third of the way through the year, 124 days of Kindness! Dig it : The Kindness of Strangers : This blog is is attempt to fulfill a promise made to a stranger 25 years ago. Spotting a broken down car on the side of rural highway in Upstate New York, a man who could have very easily kept on driving stopped to help me. After an entire afternoon of getting me on my way he accepted only a thank you and a promise that I would help someone else along the way. It is time I fulfilled that promise. I am making a commitment to be kind to a stranger at least once a day for a year.

Love Your Neighbor started this July & is also committed to performing one act of kindness, every day, for one year. She even used some of our cards to do some card drops! Awesome!

Do Something Outrageous Today

How to be Alone via Susannah Conway

Put fear in a cage

Jamie Ridler asks what do you do when your creative spirit invites you to grow. & Oh! Also! Check out Jamie’s podcast with Kate Swoboda! So good, yes!

Carolyn Rubenstein hooked each & every one of us up with 10 amazing-inspring-wonderful-&-free e-books featuring the likes of Chris Guillebeau, Ana Ottman, Barrie Davenport & Michelle Ward! Carolyn, you rock our socks!

You are not alone.

Danielle LaPorte tells us all the secret for success — do what you say you’re going to do.

Kelly Rae Roberts is one of my favorite bloggers, if for no other reason that the fact that she shares gems like this photo.

Imagine what hope might look like.

Have you seen Tracey Clark’s I Am Enough series? Get started with this post : I knew it would be easy but I knew there was no half way to worthiness. It was all or nothing. And I couldn’t go back to nothing.

Have you completed your weekly NICE assignment? Hmmm? If not, do it & show us your pretty pretty smile! (Because all smiles are pretty!)

Have you joined the Kind Hearted Blogger Campaign?

Have one helluva weekend!
We love you guys!

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