Friday’s Lovelies : 3.2.12

Leap : 29 Empowering Promises worth making with your soul. Okay, okay! I know I’ve spread this around all over already but… it had to be here too. Tracey, oh how I adore her. When was creating the Regiving book she was a lifesaver (if you’ve bought the book you know why!) But she launched her first book on Leap Day & IT IS SO FRICKIN’ GORGEOUS on ALL levels. The design, the words, the spirit… if you only buy one book this month let it be this one, I’m serious. Awesome thing is… it’s half price until 3/4 at midnight est! Click here to be LIT UP!

You take care of everyone else, now it’s time to take care of you. Jenn launched a FREE eCourse yesterday : Self-care for the Soul! I’ve had sneak peeks & it’s sooooo fabulous! Sign up at the very tiptop of her site!

Opening Up, Saying Yes! : LOOOOOOVE!

Love Your Gifts : Your soul’s beat is a force that is dying to open life and dance to it. Not as a means to entertain, but as a way to be used up and exhaust your life through giving your essence completely.

Finding Liberation in Your Shadow : I’ve noticed that my attitude towards those who really irritate me has begun to change. Instead of focusing on the negativity I feel, I see that it’s really…

A whole page of gorgeous printables, love me some Love vs. Design!

Instagram Cheat Sheet!

Cup Of Joe For A Joe : $2 buys a cup of coffee for an active duty service man or woman, wonderful way to be of service. (Thank you Jo Anna for the link!)

Ummmm, I am so in love with this Etsy shop! I’ve been thinking about getting space sleeves!! I’m serious. I haven’t been tattooed & in like 10 years & I keep dreaming & dreaming of new ink. Need to make it happen!

Geometric Photo Art Project, yes please!

Home Office Storage on a Dime, love this idea!

Happy Weekend Sweets!

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