Friday’s Lovelies : 3.16.12

plaque by mbartstudios on etsy
Seeing the Sacred in One Another : I’ve found that when I see someone not as just a person, but as a phenomenon — an event happening right in front of me — my perception of them changes radically.

Shy Girl’s Manifesto : Embracing your beautiful shy soul : This free eBook, Liz nailed what it’s really like to be shy all your life, more so than anything I’ve ever read about shyness, I adore it.

Did you know if you sign up for Children Inspire Design’s Newsletter you get a gorgeous & FREE art print on the 1st of every month? LOVE!

The Paper’d App!! Paper’d is the addictive, lifestyle-inspired iOS wallpaper app that makes your device more you. Download it today (for free!) and you’ll get fun, humor, inspiration, and high-end design, right at your fingertips.

Friendship Bracelets : a tutorial : Growing up, I remember taping sets of strings to just about anything & knotting. SO fun.

DIY Tag-Shaped Stamps : these rock & they look super-easy!

Old Denim Corner Heart Bookmark : so sweet!

I think I may have mentioned this shop before but so worth repeating, I need this in my size.

Tutorial:Tiny Book Necklace!

One of the most inspiring videos that I’ve ever seen by Julia Warr.

So much love to you, I hope your weekend
is beyond beautiful, you so deserve it,

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