Friday’s Lovelies : 3.11.11

First & foremost, this lovely has been edited to add: My thoughts are with the people in Pacific today, I am just devastated, sending so much love to them : If you follow me on Twitter/FB … you’ve maybe read me raving about KOM getting rebranded & made over! I cannot WAIT to show you all! Eeeee! So excited! Soon! Soon! Soon! But, my awesome designer, Rachel from Ironwood Design Studio, lives in Maui – please, please keep her & her loved ones in your thoughts. Sending love to you Rachel.

Drowning never is an option when I am my own life jacket.

Our strength will continue if we allow ourselves the courage to feel scared, weak & vulnerable.

So Many Silences : Part One, Part Two, Part Three — love this series so, so much.

I know I’ve said this already, but I can’t get enough of Jennifer Louden’s blog.

Good Energy is Sexy – HEEEELLLLYESSSSS Bridget!

Above vid : Look at all we’ve done.

Opening up to find your tribe

Why Courageous Communication demands the Naked Truth

The not-so-secret confessions of a fearful blogger

The above vid : The Stolen Scream: A Story About Noam Galai by FStoppers blew me away. Having been in this situation on many occasions but not to this extent – it is just really eye-opening of the times we are living in. Amazing? Frustrating? Truth.

Love this Virtual Kindness Swear Jar. If you are trying to clean up your language, you can make a donation to a local RVA charity every time a four letter word slides. So cute!

Awesome Interview with Artist Rob Ryan found via Susannah Conway.

Absolutely in LOVE with my new custom iPad cover from Katie’s Modern Nest. I’m serious, best cover on the planet!

Beautiful spoken word piece by Tanya Davis found via the lovely Vivienne McMaster, thanks Vivienne!

Have a bliss-filled weekend,
see you all Monday!!

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