Friday’s Lovelies : 2.4.11

you are awesome!, originally uploaded by katy~.

The description of the above photo says this: mum wrote it on the road for dad who’s doing a 44 mile run todaaay πŸ™‚ he’s going to see it and be like πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€LOVE that!

Head on over to The Organic Sister, she gave her lovely site a little makeover – see her top right sidebar, sign up to Be Organic & you’ll receive a free copy of her manifesto, Be Organic: An Invitation to Change Your World – can’t wait to finish reading it this weekend!

So, so in love with this Etsy shop, I need a Resin Feather Cuff in my life, oh yes.

I used to suffer from these about 10 years ago…daily. I am so very grateful that they have subsided. Please enlighten yourself on the subject : True Story: I Have Panic Attacks

This is an extremely beautiful & brave post by Brandi Reynolds : No Envy…No Fear

The Secret Is Out & boy what a juicy secret it is!

15 Minute Creamy Avocado Pasta – I made this dish this week, um, yeah, it’s probably going to become a weekly habit because it’s DAMN GOOD! It would probably be much better (how is that possible!?!) had I used fresh ingredients but I was itching to make it & used 2TB of concentrated lemon juice, a couple dashes of dried basil & only one clove of garlic. SO. GOOD.

Instant Photo Frame Pins = AWESOME!

Confessing My Secret Fear (it’s probably yours too) hit so close to home that I just want to hug Kelly.

Love-love-lovin’ this series of posts counting up to Valentine’s Day : 14 Days of Self-Love. Oh yes, Day 2 : Write yourself a Love Letter!

This Naturally Sweet DIY Valentine Printable is soooo fantastic!

creativity is not a stop-gap

Absolutely love these posts by Darrah : 1. Redefining beauty 2. i’m not photogenic” & other thoughts on the fear of photography epidemic

You need to watch the above vid by Dyana Valentine… I so needed to.

Have a Fabulous weekend, see you Monday!

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