Friday’s Lovelies : 2.25.11

What are you going through? by Shawna Lemay.

Release Yourself from the Dungeon – must-must-must read.

Sex, Love & Liberation : lovin’ on this brand new blog!

SELF-CARE, MINDFULNESS & SOCIAL MEDIA (or how to stop feeling bad after spending time on the Web) – a content rich, truth-telling, soulful discussion with 5 very wise women. Register for the FREE call here. March 7th at 12pm PST : If you can’t listen to the call live they will send you link after. I can’t wait to listen!

The Proper Care & Feeding Of Advocates – yes, yes, a million times YES! — she so savvy! Proof:

Above: the Unleash Your Superpowers interview! Where the ever so lovely Genna McWhinnie interviews Alexandra for her upcoming digital coaching extravaganza : The Sassy Minx Manifesto which looks Ah-Ah-MAZING! Sign up for her list & you will receive her Sassy, Sexy & Super Confident mini guide!

Have you been working on an e-course, book, e-book, paintings, digital art or podcast? Is it ready to launch? Do you want to share it with others? Here’s your chance to do it: Creative Harvest : Scattering your Creative Seeds!

What kind of character are you broadcasting to the world? What kinds of scenes are you creating? Be in the scene you want to be in. – brilliant article.

OMGOMGOMGOMG, I can’t wait ’til Monday, need now! Whatta TEASE! Jessica Swift + Notebooks = Wooooooot!

The Daily Love is a FREE daily e-multivitamin for your soul!

I ? Michelle & I ? BlogcastFM – can’t wait to listen to THIS!

Can’t Find a Dream Job? Create Your Own.

a self-love guide for the insanely busy

extend the hand of harmony

10 Positive Habits to Cultivate

You Are by Hiro Boga

See you Monday!

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