Friday’s Lovelies : 2.24.12 : FREE & Inspiring eBooks!

necklace by SpiffingJewelry on etsy
The Inspired Way
features a powerful group of 22 female contributors who were handpicked for their authenticity, warmth & insightful wisdom. This amazing group of artists, photographers, writers, coaches, healers & more has helped pave the way for phenomenal women like you to answer the callings of your heart

your life. your mirror.
a gathering of some seriously fabulous folks sharing stories of life communicating through events & happenings.

Strategies to Save Money
without sacrificing your health, happiness or values

Take This Job & Shove It
a step by step resource that walks you through the process of what it takes to quit your job without freaking out about money by quickly saving what I call, and pardon my french, a “F*** You Fund.”

What Matters Now
seventy big thinkers sharing ideas

Peace, Love and Connection
shows you how to successfully cultivate those three marvelous qualities in your life

Things I Believe In
you can find more free books here if you scroll down!

Happy Weekend! See you Monday!


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