Friday’s Lovelies : 2.18.11

Chris from Everyday Heartbeats made the lovely video above for Random Acts of Kindness Week. She even used some of KOM’s Freebies! Isn’t she amazing?!

Creativity is Sexy :: Allowing Yourself to Receive Pleasurethis doesn’t mean you have to be swinging from the chandelier scantily clad & shooting whipped cream all over your bits (though that might be fun!) – soak this up, good stuff.

Sing it Tara! I’m fed up with comfortable definitions of Passion. Let’s get real. – read it.

Why Twitter Must Expand Beyond 140 Characters

I AM – The Documentary – the shift is about to hit the fan. We are born to be our brother’s keeper, it’s the way that we’re wired – this looks INCREDIBLE! Thank you for the turn on Renee!

Really lovin’ up on Ebookling!

Because the list is plentiful : What the Fuck is Right with the World? (NSFW) : found via Carolee, thank you lovely!

What Does Love Mean to You?

Over 50 SUPER AWESOME DIY tutorials!

Back to the Future, one of the best photo projects I’ve ever seen : found via the ever so talented Jessica Swift, thanks!

Still can’t get enough of BlogcastFM

Oh! Amor! Jen Louden’s new project : The Savor & Serve Experiment : It’s a memoir of one year in which I explore the sweet spot where my desire to savor life meets my desire to serve the world.

How You Can Change the World, and Why You Don’t Have to Do It Alone : I love-love-LOVE the Pace Explains Series, the above video is from 28 Days to Getting Your Shit Together which I urge you to explore & sign up for!

Blaze Your Trail,
See You Monday!

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