friday’s lovelies!

Friday's Lovelies

:starting from the upper left hand & working ourselves around clockwise:

:: one mindful act is a movement focused on the realization that we can make very small, even unnoticeable changes in our everyday life, which can have a profound effect on someone struggling with hunger. rachelle has been blogging about her daily impact on world hunger, today is day 72, she would love your help! ::

:: gotta love freebies! leonie over at the goddess guidebook is sharing her “how to be a goddess” poster with all of us, how incredible! some of the things to help you check in with your inner goddess? trust your intuition, dream big, do big. check out this entry to download the poster! ::

:: have you ever wanted to donate to the troops overseas & didn’t know how? well, give 2 the troops is a one stop shop with step by step instructions on how & where to send letters & items for a care packages. to date, they’ve sent more than 86,000 enormous boxes & more than 20 million letters & cards from caring citizens. if you want to warm your heart today, read some of the many letters that the troops have sent back in gratitude, truly touching. ::

:: we’ve blogged about these awesome little i love you cards before, but they are soooo worth another mention, we rediscovered this project when jessica wrote about it over at pecannoot this week, telling us about the wonderful heidi geldhauser, who created i love you cards. they’re the perfect size to tuck away in a card, or lunch bag, or book, or to use for card drops. you can order these pretty lil cards right here.

have a love-filled weekend, see you on monday!!

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