Friday’s Lovelies : 1.28.11

why you’re privileged: perspective from the dark side – read it, you won’t be able to forget it.

I will be listening to this later : Live Fire Starter Session audio with Jonathan Fields, Danielle LaPorte + 250 smoldering ‘preneurs : BIG LOVE to my friend Jessica Swift, she & Dave Ursillo won (big!) – Sooooo exciting & deserved!

How to Let Others Shine – oh yes.

the dangers of self-portraiture – Part One & Part Two – brill!

Lovin’ on this sweet Lace Hearts tutorial!

these are so awesome!

My friend Michelle is going to be on Renovation Realities, how cool is that?!? Do you watch it?

…if we can just take the time to really see.

How To Shine From The Inside Out

I made a call out on twitter & facebook, asking folks to share with me some awesome links to add to my list this week. My friend, Melissa from map of the heart shared this AMAZING story : A Victim Treats His Mugger Right

A Scale That’s Actually Useful

pop your cork: get enthusiastic with 5 heroes of creative living — included in this post is a really awesome worksheet that you can print & fill out to help you reconnect with the things that make smile. Love!

Speaking of Love, How To Bestow A Courageous Compliment – oh yes, Alexandra is a frickin’ rockstar – again, you must check her out! Dig on the awesome compliments she has received!

Have a light-filled weekend,
see you Monday!

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