Friday’s Lovelies : 12.2.11

Sixty Years of Memories : I love this gift idea so much.

How to Forgive Yourself : Forgiveness knows your name, and is waiting for you. Today, you have a choice. To be I was or I am.

Put Your Heart In It : my newest on Roots of She! I talk about my entrepreneurial roots (aka my awesome parents), my most memorable Christmas gifts & share 18 DIY gifts that you can put your heart into!

Have you subscribed to Roots of She yet? You can do that here if you haven’t, seriously, you don’t want to miss a post, they’re all fabulous! Jenn is gearing up for the Winter Tribe, I’m gonna miss being there next season but I am sooooo stoked to see who will be sharing!

The Choose Love Project is about helping women both young & old understand that loving your body & healing your relationship with food and exercise is a choice, that it is indeed about choosing love. When you choose love you have nothing to lose.

More beautiful Printables using my kit!

This post hit me hard : The thing that feels painful & vulnerable : Because I’m terrified that there’s going to be someone smarter, better informed, who understands the big picture more completely than I do… and that that person will bash me for being an uninformed idiot speaking out of turn.

Roots & Feathers : Can I have everything in this shop please? Thanks!

Writing a book? Thinking about writing a book? Maybe writing a book is one of your BIG DREAMS! (It’s one of mine!) Enter Your Big Beautiful Book Plan! More genius from Danielle LaPorte! I can’t wait to dig into this!

Build Your Tribe Tuesday – Do it with joy

Very useful for the upcoming holiday season : How to communicate with difficult people : Is there someone in your life whose attitude can cause a “less than desired” response from you? Do you allow one or more people to send you off on a turbo charged emotional response that often ruins an entire day?

Happy Weekend to you,
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