Friday’s Lovelies 1.21.2011

No Matter How Small by Amanda Oaks (me!)

I Don’t Care How Smart You Are, a must read.

Liz Lamoreux posted these wonderful-wonderful guided audio meditations on her blog’s sidebar, I adore them so: holding compassion & love, a senses journey & the space around your heart

I Have Decided To Stick With Love found via Brené Brown

Lovin’ on this new blog series by Jenn Lee : Letters

Do you dream of running your own company? Unsure about what kind of business to start? Wish you could turn your passion into a profit? The Ideation Retreat is a 2-day retreat for women who want their own business but have no idea what it looks like, it’s held by the Fearless Women Entrepreneur Network – they are doing great work, check them out!

How to Fix a Relationship Breakdown

Carry Kindness Forward

You can help Claire’s friends, they just lost everything they own in the devastating Brisbane, Australia floods. Not only was their home destroyed, but they have two young sons & a little one soon to be arriving (now with no place to call home). I can’t even imagine.

We Heart This is an adorable blog that I happened upon this week, somewhere, I think it was on twitter, I wish I could remember…

…so I could give credit where credit is due (because Blogging Etiquette is SUPER important!) got a makeover & boy is it FAB! Check out her recent video interview with Dyana Valentine where they spill 5 Tips for Crafting Creative Blog Interviews!

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