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:: 50 Ways to Add Joy to Your Day is a fantastic list! If you are having a bad day, can’t get motivated, just hop on over to this post & get your heart back in its right place! a beautiful ripple effect houses heaps of inspiration, you must check it out. With posts like 11 Ways to Find Serenity Amidst Chaos – how can you pass it up, especially this time of year! ::

:: Jess Constable, Carolyn Rubenstein, Jess Gonacha Swift & Michelle Ward just launched such an exciting project — Spring : Inspiration in Bloom! It was launched the week of Thanksgiving, and new hour-long videos will be posted monthly. Each video has a theme, but discussions are focused on your questions and ideas. The purpose? To help give you the inspiration you need to bloom. Go here to check out the first four-part video & don’t forget to share your thoughts, ideas & questions with them! ::

:: Creature Comforts’ 18 Days of Festive Freebies & Holiday Tutorials! I don’t know how I could love Ez’s Creature Comforts blog anymore but… OhMyGoodness – 18 days of freebies – GET OUT! She always manages to find the best finds, case in point, you have to see these DIY Cereal Box Houses she posted up just today – soooo adorable! If you haven’t paid her blog a nice long visit, you must. ::

:: Jen Wallace of posted a tutorial on how to make the neatest bouquet — but not with flowers, with Christmas balls! You can use it as a centerpiece or just to brighten up a corner of your home, and most of the things to make it you’ll probably already have — ribbon, Christmas balls, sticks from your yard. How pretty and festive, so pretty! Jen is also the one that gave us Feed Your Soul : the free art project & 12 Days Contest, oh we love her to bits & pieces! ::

We hope your weekend is full of laughter & love!!!

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