Friday’s Lovelies : 11.11.11

So much is given : I then felt an organic acknowledgement from the water itself. As each wave spilled over me, I felt the water acknowledge my gratitude.

Brilliant Public Speaking Tips : The world needs your ideas. It’s time to start sharing them fully, loudly, boldly, slowly — without diminishment or apology.

Jo Anna’s Creative Living with Jamie Interview : I adore both these women, what a beautiful conversation.

How To Sparkle : Sparkle comes from enjoy­ment. From plea­sure. From love. All res­onat­ing and danc­ing inside of you.

The video above, big lesson for humankind.

Beautiful self-portraiture series!

What Makes You Come Alive? : Someday doesn’t exist – it’s an intangible concept. Nothing in the history of the Universe has ever manifested someday. But today happens every day – today is real, and it’s happening right now.

5 Ways to Find Your Center When Life Feels Overwhelming

The Power of Appreciation or Suck it Hallmark I’ve been pinned

Intention for the everyday: Trust : Jenn made Printable Intention Cards using my Printable Kit! I LOVE THEM!

The Universe Knows : so in love with everything here! I want every single one of their mugs!

Society6 : incredible & if you are an artist you can sell goods there with your art on them, iPhone cases & skins, shirts, stretched canvases + more, learn more here.

bentlily : one gorgeous poem a day.

Happy Weekend & Veteran’s Day, deep Gratitude & Love to all that have served, my handsome mister included, I Love You,

PS: I made a little promo video for the Printable Kit using the intro I used for all of the tutorial videos, yay!

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