Friday’s Lovelies!

Friday Lovelies 1.8.10
(starting from the upper lefthand corner & working our way around clockwise)

:: What do you want to make manifest this year? What do you want to focus on? Have you been thinking about a theme or mantra or motto for 2010?

Lots of questions, right? If you’re still working on finding a theme, you could check out Danielle LaPorte’s post where she shares what hers are : pure love innovates. Amanda at Mama Wife Doula chose rhythm & less. Connie‘s words are commitment, trust & truth. Meredith Winn has lots & lots of words for 2010!

And because this is one of my favorite posts ever — for 2009, one of the mottos Gala Darling chose was light the way.

If you have one or three or however many chosen, would you like to share it with us? ::

:: I am absolutely smitten with these FREE Printable, Colorable, Doodleable, Thank You Notes from Giver’s Log. I have a two year old, we will definitely be doodling on these this evening & sending them out tomorrow for Christmas gifts that arrived in the mail this week! You should take your time & click around on the Giver’s Log to get some awesome gift ideas at a glance & partake in gift wrap brilliance. She starts out her Welcome page by saying, I remember the first time I realized the impact of a well-thought-out gift – there is so much truth in that statement. There are soooo many great Homemade Gift Ideas on her blog too, check out her right side bar for more free printables & DIY tutorials! I found these printable lovelies on a Printable Roundup at One Pretty Thing that you should check out too, so many awesome FREE things – people are so darn nice! Thank you AmberLee & Rachel!!! ::

:: Cecilia from Mermaid with Feet commented on our New Year’s Gift to You saying that we should check out her friend Bren Bataclan & we’re so glad she did! Bret started leaving his paintings in public places 6 years ago – he has now left them in 25 states & 32 counties with the help of friends. They are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars a painting in galleries, he says the biggest reward about giving them away for free is watching the person’s face light up with a smile when one is found & the little notes he gets from the recipients saying thank you, you made my day! You can watch this CBS News story Spreading Hope With Art about his endeavors- so inspiring! You can also follow him on Twitter where he gives hints about what city he is dropping paintings in! ::

:: I want this year to be big & beautiful & saturated with positivity & good energy, for each of us, all of us. Having little reminders of the good stuff around us is an easy way to do that, so I was looking through Flickr the other day & found the neatest project through Ky ShobertA Year of Living Positively. I really like her photo and you were there, which is pictured above. She turned me onto the group she created on Flickr, so many people posting photos of things that made them smile or that they are grateful for, that’s just so lovely. So join & share the things that have made your day or week pretty! ::

Have a Happy, Love & Peace-filled weekend!
See all YOU lovelies Monday!!!

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