Friday’s Lovelies : 10.21.11

Real Women & the Lies We Live : just click it. Beauty. Beauty. Beauty.

Fabeku relaunched his site yesterday & holy yes I LOVE it! I popped on a handful of times yesterday just to BE there. It’s a beautiful place to be. Snagged his Don’t Lose Your Shit Kit too, super fan of his work.

Creating Space for Grief : tears streaming down my cheeks, heart wide open, love.

Two posts by Daniel that I adore : The Grace of Letting Go & 10 Ways to Practice Radical Self-Care

Making Space : free eBook : 22 letters filled with inspiration, guidance and the support to make more space in your life. Space for your joys, your passions, your rhythm. For you.

Look Who’s Calling: Talking To The Other Side

42 Ways to be of Service

25 Ways to Wear a Scarf found via Creature Comforts

Dirty Rain by Ryan Adams : gorgeous song for rainy autumn day.

Peace to you, skies full,

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