Friday’s Lovelies : 10.14.11


You, Ambassador of Grace : Let this be your practice: When someone does something that irritates or angers you, take a deep breath. Stop your mind from diving into perceived motives and the injustice of it all. Breathe and ask yourself, “How would I want someone to respond to me if I did this same thing to them?” – and do that.

Deep Pockets : Joy does have a sweet spot for pleasure. Pleasure is joy’s entry point. Her love poem to your life.

6 Fool Proof Ways to Make a Difference

Stop Drowning in Email : A free resource kit for anyone who’s buried in email & wants a way out : I can’t stop recommending this. It’s gold… but free.

My beautiful & talented friend Lori Portka in a Kind Over Matter T-Shirt! So exciting! Thank you Lori!

Shining Your Light : I see us all as lighthouses. We all have light inside of us, we come that way – think of the way small children glow, the way babies look at you, the knowing in their eyes and the way the room brightens when they enter. As we get older, though…

3 simple ways to connect on a higher social level

Tara Sophia Mohr rocked it on the Today Show!

A few lovely & simple Halloween Crafts from eighteen25 : Spooky Stone Spiders + Super Cute Mini Paper Pumpkins + Halloween Smores

Super awesome Halloween Nail Art : here + here + here!

My B&W Halloween Printable Party Kit from last year!

So stoked for Florence + the Machine’s! new album.

Blissful weekend to you! Love,

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