Friday Lovelies!

like always! starting from the upper lefthand corner & working our way around clockwise:

:: Do you know where the lovely things are? I do — right here! Mallory McInnis says that it’s where the worlds of art, craft, fashion & design roam like wild creatures. She shares really fun art & the neatest Etsy shops that she’s come across, loooove her blog so much! You can find Mallory on Tumblr, Twitter & Flickr. ::

:: The Kindness Offensive is all about having fun with kindness, and they create projects that leave the world better than they find it. One of our favorite things about them is that one of their goals is to demonstrate that kindness is more than just a nice ideal, it’s actually a viable way of living. You can check them out on Flickr or YouTube. ::

:: So let’s get the giggles out of the way — Tantra. I want to talk about this one post I read over at Rachelle’s place the other day. It was a guest post by someone that I’d seen around over at Twitter & featured on various blogs, someone that I’d wanted to get to know & learn from — Danette Relic. She was writing about Tantra & creativity. At first I got all these swirly ideas in my head, but then I set them aside & read what Danette wrote, & it was a-ma-zing, heavy on the ZING. Danette’s amazing. I’d never really equated Tantra with creativity, self-expression, the life Experience, until reading her post & this one line just has me hooked — Let pleasure be your only compass as you create. That kind of hit home because I hadn’t been doing that & it was a much needed & greatly appreciated reminder. So yes, I have a bloggy crush on The Drawing Board & I wanted to share the goodness with all of you!! You can check out Danette’s here or follow her on Twitter. ::

::Learn Something Every Day is perhaps the coolest fact-of-the-day site we’ve come across — everything is so bright & fun, & the most random things are posted there, I never would’ve known about these things otherwise! A daily project by the UK-based design studio Young, they are accepting fact submissions. Just e-mail your fact to them, each month they choose the best fact & turn it into a poster. Even better? The winner gets a free poster! So cool! You can see all of their illustrated facts on their website & on Flickr. ::

Have something that you think would rock on Friday’s Lovelies or on Kind Over Matter in general? E-mail us, let us know! While we may not get to them right away, we’d really appreciate that you thought of us!

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