Freebie: Printable You Are Beautiful Lolli-Flowers!

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Just print, cut & give!

I think these would be perfect for parties, classrooms, the workplace, or just to give out randomly… on the street!

When I created them I had a slumber party in mind, where the mama had one for each of the gals staying over. I think it’s so important to cultivate this in young girls, to tell them they are beautiful & really have it sink in. To sit down & have a talk with your daughter, your niece, your younger sister, YOURSELF & say, Love, you are so beautiful, don’t ever think that you need to change for anyone, for society. Be yourself. Love yourself. Become a Self-Love Warrior! Say yes – Say no, when YOU want to. Know when enough is enough– & not enough. Live & breathe compassion for yourself & others. Look in the mirror. Really look at yourself, beautiful, there is no one in the entire universe like you. Revel in that. Holy-hot-damn just roll around in it for a bit. Take your hand & find your neck. Slide your fingertips up the side. Find the spot, you know the one. Let them rest there. Feel that? That’s you. Your heart beating & pumping blood through your entire body. It means you’re alive. A miracle. A marvel. You are magical. Walk around with that thought in mind today. Smile, you are so, sooooo beautiful.

If you’d like to see these flowers in action, hop on over to this post, there are photos!

Next week, I will be sharing a boyish version of these! Boyish + flowers, oh yes, I went there! 😀

Love, skies full,

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