Freebie Printable : Kind Over Matter Tree Cones! :

Freebie! Kind Over Matter Tree Cones!

Download Freebie PDFs:

Large Tree Cone I
Large Tree Cone II
Small Tree Cones I
Small Tree Cones II

Kind Over Matter Tree Cones Directions

1. Supplies: Printed & cut out PDFs, empty toilet paper rolls, scissors, Craft Bond Glue Stick (I find that Craft Bond works the best because it bonds almost instantly but you could use a regular glue stick, which is where the paper clips would come in!)

2. You can cut around the edges of your cones with decorative scissors if you wish! You could get really creative with these & add embellishments like ribbons, lace, stickers, anything! Fold over the flap for gluing.

3. Run your glue stick across the flap a few times.

4. With both hands pull your sides together to form an even cone shape (I had to take the photo with the other!)

5. Hold it there for a bit if you are using Craft Bond, if not, just slip a paper clip over you seam.

6. Let the cones dry!

As for the toilet paper rolls, I used uncut rolls for the large cones & then trimmed them down about a quarter of their length for the small cones. I just slipped my cones over the rolls, no glue needed. I thought they would be easier for storing if you didn’t glue the stumps to the trees. Although you could if you wanted, maybe put some hot glue, or a thick craft glue around the edge of the roll before you put it inside your cone. Like I said though, no need to do any of this. (Okay that whole paragraph sounded dirty, or it could just be my dirty second trimester mind! eeeep!)

Have Fun!!!

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