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Kindness Is 8.5 x 11 Art PrintPDF

Words by Chris Zydel :: Printable by Amanda Oaks

Delish, yes? When Chris sent over her Kind Kindred piece last month my mouth dropped, my eyes went wide & wild, it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of text that I’ve ever read. I just had to make it into a printable. I wanted to hang it in my work space, it’s a beautiful reminder of our courageousness & connectivity as humans. I adore it.

I am so honored that Chris gave me permission to take her words & make them into something tangible. Her enthusiastic & loving YES was a gift for all of us. Thank you Chris, for writing this, for sharing it & just for being YOU. I love the way you move in this world.

Enjoy all! Print them out, hang ’em up everywhere, frame them, give them as gifts… keep one close, this message is so vibrant & vital.

Deep Respect, Love & Gratitude,

P.S. Are you interested in submitting a guest post for the Kind Kindred series? I am opening submissions & scheduling dates in July right now. Please contact me : kindovermatterblog at gmail : if you are interested! Pssst… the dates will probably go fast but I’m looking to schedule through the end of the year. Email me for details, I’d love to have you! xox

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