Free Heart, No Lying

Hello broken child

You need some mending

No caution, be wild!

Life fluid, no fencing

Smooth your sweet face

Use your wise Owl

Realize that home base

Is a pen with no foul

Eye people with your moxie

Climb you goat

Crafty and foxy

Wings that float

Swing set flying

Free your heart, no lying

Felicia is driven by curiosity. She takes things apart and puts them back together: dryers, door handles and ideas. She values directness as well as kindness. In life or salsa class she will be moving in the opposite direction of the crowd (sometimes not on purpose). Her family is nice enough to leave all the drawers open for her to push in so she feels useful. She lives outside of Boston on the North Shore with a large man with a heart of gold, a tween who sings like an angel but can’t remember to wear her own coat home from school and a greyhound named Arnie who enjoys crispy bread. You can follow Felicia on her website, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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